Friday, July 8, 2011


No, don't please don't leave me alone..What would I do, where would I go, Karan!

The cries Mishti drew another sigh at the crowded platform, waiting for the train to arrive. She stood amidst a cringe of unknown faces-busy chatting fighting or simply obtrude enough to be ignored. But today she had to wait. She had to take this venom and clench this pain hard enough.

The train halted and a door opened up in front of her. People gushed in, pushing her away as if she were a lifeless entity. The doors closed and the train passed by her.

He'd boarded the train, a few doors ahead. She saw him, perhaps for the last time. Or maybe not..
She turned around and walked towards the Exit.

One day you will realize what you lost, and when that day comes you will come running and crying begging on your knees for me to take you back. But by then I will have moved on and will have the guts to break your heart the way you broke mine.