Sunday, July 17, 2011

To every Bend, is a Mend.

‎...And we drink the moonlight
dance in the air
as we kiss, we melt..
I wish it wasn't just another Affair...

But like every good thing ends,
there would be an ending to this tale too
as glossy as it may sound,
It would never feel this strong.

With these words, they parted..
flown away by the same wind,
the same dew drops
that'd caressed them to coalesce

Now they are distanced
like the two banks of a river
as they flow into different horizons

Another leaf shudders,
'tis his time now
Even he would drop down
one day, not long enough
and depart from his beloved one.

People like leaves,
meet only to part
some stories never end,
they only Start.

Thus the leaves,
transcended beyond beliefs
and fell into a lake
unaware of each other's presence,
they again suddenly met.

Life always gives us an old end
if not a new beginning, to mend.
It takes a while to see the larger picture,
there is a new road, to every Bend.

Hang in there..I'd say! :)


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