Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ain't Over.

18th June, 2008

...And, out of nowhere he told me when he grew up he
wanted to marry me. I said, 'Why me?' And he looked
up at me and said, 'because, you are my anyway friend.'
At the time I didn’t know what that meant, so he had
to explain to me that an anyway friend is the one person
in your life who that no matter what they say or do, no
matter what they’ve been through with you,

they love you anyway.

I am so thankful to you God. I don't think I could ask for anything else, Anymore.


18th June, 2011

Today we're no longer together but I know for sure, it Ain't Over Yet..
Even if we never meet again, I'd remember the good times, forgive the bad ones and keep loving. Even if you tell me today, that you hate me. I'll remember the times you told me that you loved me, more than anything else in the world. Today you don't need me, but I will always remember how madly you needed me then.

There are three words I like to repeat to myself: Glass Half Full. Just to remind myself to be grateful for everything I have. And I remember a friend telling me once, that if you keep a half-filled tumbler under a tap, and turn it on at full speed, The tumbler will never fill. The water will always escape out.

Dear Diary..

I have forgiven him. He has done too much for me to hate him.
But sorry, he has done too much, to forget what I went through.
Too Much. Nonetheless.