Thursday, July 21, 2011

Melancholic Journey O' Mine

There are things I do not understand,
some remorsed; some still confused
But bedazzled by all,
Strives the mind, flummoxed is the heart.

Today, words don't rhyme,
they rather fall into places
Like a perfect melancholy
of no strings attached,They flow.

Words unveil the mistress
Of the world hitherto unknown.
Takes her into a womb of ambiguence
As if, there would be no return.

And as I lay awake,
like every other shallow dusk
You haunt me like an old melody,
Like the Stars, Like the Moon
In my sordid sky.

I wait even this day,
to find my self, long lost.
Someday she'll rise
Like the Phoenix from the ashes.