Friday, July 15, 2011

Love. Happens~ Again.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, 
while loving someone deeply gives you courage..

The words echoed around her like a symphony, never ending--strumming every heartbeat of hers into Karan's memories. A cacophony of sweet nothings that he'd whispered into her ears now felt like chiseled pins bound upon her hands as Mishti folded them tightly around her, as if to protect her cold cold heart, although in vain.
It had been drizzling for quite some time now and as she stepped into the cafe, she wanted to escape into a flurry of thoughts which had been winding into her senses for a long time now.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, 
while loving someone deeply gives you courage..

She breathed to herself.. Why did it seem so sensible all of a sudden? All this while she'd been tormenting herself about how life had come to an end after Karan's Exit..
She'd seen him go in front of her eyes, what else was she expecting? She had known it all along, hadn't she? Then why did the tears swell up even at the thought of never meeting him again? Never snuggling under him and taking in his manly scent as he held her tightly(he'd never leave her, he'd teased her quite often)?

That familiar choke made her cough again as she sat in one of the tables in a place, where most of the tables were filled with couples happily chatting away. Been there, Done that and Made a mess of it All, she muttered to herself . The Beatles filled the air with their Love me do chants as the aroma of Cappuccino and latte floated around. She had been longing for such tranquility for days..months..
She didn't realize that she'd closed her eyes, relishing the atmosphere till one of the waiters came to her and slightly tapped her on her shoulder, "Mam?", he asked, "Are you fine?"

Mishti opened her eyes to the bright sunny afternoon and felt like she'd been dreaming..No, it felt more like, waking up to Reality. She had been dreaming all this while. The reality seemed much more pleasant now-perhaps because it had No Promises.
She ordered for her favorite Tropical Iceberg with double shots of chocolate syrup and rested back to her thoughts. And she smiled. For no reason.. She didn't need one anymore.


Why would someone smile so beautifully for no reason at all, he wondered. That too, so enigmatically? Is she in love? Well, it should be none of my business whatsoever, Sandy thought to himself. But somehow he just could not take his eyes off her. His coffee lay untouched as she again opened her eyes and started gleaming all of a sudden like a small girl who'd just discovered few toffees in her pockets.. A grin appeared on his face too. And all of a sudden, she turned aside. 

And their eyes met..

And in the background, Jack Johnson hummed ~Better Together~