Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rescued, really?

A war is not only between two nations or groups.. A war affects People-their lives, their dreams. This is an account of such a survivor..
She often asks me.. What is the point surviving, when Nothing seems same anymore.. Wouldn't Death be much easier?
She leaves me speechless.


What happens now?
Where do I go from here?
Have I been saved
only to wander forever
in this wasteland?
There has to be more than this..
This salvation is excruciating
in its silence..
I am more alone now
than ever before
I wasn't prepared for this
I am not trained
to survive here.

If and when I find my oasis
Will I be able to recognize it..?
Or will I dismiss it
as a mirage??
Am I blinded
by these years of conditioning?

All my plans of greatness
and grandeur
thwarted at sunset
as I sit morning till night
watching out the window
trying to recollect
what I used to be.

How many windows
do I have to open
to let in enough sunshine
to lit up my dreary heart...
My insides are dark and cold
and there aren't enough windows!!

How many words of concern
and warm embraces
will thaw my soul..?
Its frozen into a semi-solid mass
so viscous
I am afraid it will never resume its flow!!