Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today, Words don't come easily.

To caress the relished memories
Of a time not long ago,
I'd bring in the classics
the dialogues; the silent whispers

Bead them one by one,
into an invincible conversation
of the Unspoken solitude
we now are left with.

Today, words don't come out easily.

The crossroads of my never-land,
crossed your lane, sometimes
And the fragrance of your soaked clothes
would bring me back home.

Some reminisces left unfurled,
Let them be, for now
To twirl them to open-ness
would only leave them scarred.

Today, words do not come easily.

Let us be like the sunshine, and the rain
Apart but still under the same sky,
Longing for our identities, lets linger for some more time,
Till we find our tangent of Love, again.

Today words don't come easily,
Let them be.
We'll dance some other time,
To our self-construed symphony.