Monday, August 15, 2011

What would Independence Mean to you? The Independent Indian?

Well, today was a wild wild day! Visited a group where some Pakistanis were out and out taking our case..Then there was another page where, some of our very own people were happily taking our own case..
So, well my fellow comrades, Happy Independence to you..!!

I wonder, what does Independence mean to you? I asked this to many a people..and these were, some of the replies!

1. Sonia Gandhi is out of the country for surgery. Manmohan Singh could never feel more INDEPENDENT :)

2. 'If i plan to do justice to my surname.' :P - Prashant Mantri

3. 'what Gandhi ji "was"... Anna Hazare "is" !!
  Kal se congress govt. ki aisi ki bum taisi...' Aur kya chahiye Independent hone ke liye! ;)

4. If Ramdev and Sonia go on a date...ermm..For a discussion I mean! ;)

5. Manmohan Singh gets the strongest PM alive award..

6. Past: Sau me assi beiman fir bhi mera Bharat mahaan.
Now: Agar hota sau me bees me iman to hota mera Bharat mahaan ...Optimism or Pessimism ur take.' -Pratik Dasgupta

7. The Independent Indian- the one who forgets what he did for others n forgives what others did to him...
But, the worm does turn from time to time. ;)  Eos Cullen

8. A Sunny Deol prototype uprooting every hand pump in Pakistan/ Sarthak

9. The Independent Indian is -Who believes in Bhai-chara, mil-baant k khaaye.#Corruption

10. Indian - One who always wants to go to "Amreeka" !!

11. the one who finds 'jugaad' everywhere.

12. A person who loves Gandhiji's principles................
...But still want 2 Kill Kasab # IndianHeart


I feel, Indian is

I - I will
N- never
D- die widout 
I- Inspiring 
A- another
N- nation

Are you an Independent Indian? I'd say
Don't curse the system but follow the true meaning of independence
(In) india
(depends) on
(E)lection of (N)on (C)orrupt 
Without moral and intellectual independence, there is no anchor for national independence..
Happy Independence nonetheless..