Sunday, August 14, 2011

R.I.P. Shammi Kapoor Sir!

This day shall be remembered with heavy sighs and silent remembrances. Shamsher Kapoor or better known as Shammi Kapoor breathed his last today, and left us all bereft of one of the most finest of actors, the Indian film industry has ever been embellished with.

It reminds me of this little girl watching his movie, Kashmir ki Kali with the utmost concentration. A sheepish smile on her face and her cheeks, tinted with a red blush, eyes big and wide. The song starts, Yeh chand sa roshan chehra..

And she grins.. And travels to another world. To a land where there is Asha-Rafi's voice, Shammi's madness and the beauty of Sharmila, Geeta Bali and many others. She imagines herself to be in place of Sharmila in the song, cajoling and sailing in the boats with Shammi, as he goes about praising her beauty in ways that drives her mad as well.
The teasing smile, those deep deer-eyed expressions, the body language and the Music in his body, along with the music, defines the word ROMANCE most beautifully.

The girl fell in love with the zeal, the madness of Shammi Kapoor. As she grew up, he became her inspiration. Creativity, Expression, Romance, meant Shammi Kapoor. It was only Micheal Jackson whose Performing streak appealed to her, but only after Shammi, of course.

Then she got the opportunity to dance on one of his songs, in a Teacher's day celebration. She fought with her friends, her teachers, went berserk. From choreography to costume- all was decided in just One Day! And that performance was her best ever, till date. She played the part of Shammi Kapoor.Nothing else mattered to her. Badan pe sitaare.. was the song..

Looking at the Youtube videos of him shaking a leg, was her favorite escapade. People called her crazy. She knew her inspiration. And she loved it. Because He loved it. Never did she come to know that Shammi was suffering from a Renal Failure, something that has no cure, but only regular treatments. Shammi Kapoor was one person, who never disclosed it aloud either. He was always seen to be pumped with energy, zest and a passion that surmounted all other barriers to Living Life.

Today, you are physically no more with us Shammi Sir. But your aura shall be omnipresent. You inspired that little girl to go crazy! To Live, to Love and to Believe. Your personality shall always be my inspiration, for all times to come.

I am proud to say, that I am that little girl. Its disheartening that I could not see you once. It was a secret wish, I had. Even when I went to Mumbai, I heard that you were in the hospital, but no one knew why! But how would have I known! You never showed how frail you had become, how Life was playing a game of tug-and -war with your passion. How you fought till the last.. But, your life lies Testimony Sir. I respect you even more. Love you, even more.

I shall meet you, I have to. I will. But before we meet, I want you to know that I shall continue the legacy of craziness you've left behind. I won't fear Life, or Death..Happiness or Strife..Good or Evil.
I will make you proud of me, and prove to the world, The Power of Craziness.

Rest In Peace Sir.

The Legend- Shamsher Raj Kapoor
October 21, 1931-August 14, 2011
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