Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nostalgic Moments (Just For Once)

Everytime I eat samosas adrak wali chai or kachoris, I think of you..
Every time I smell the pages of an old History book, I can see your lopsided smile..
Every moment, every thing that I do..I miss you. I walk down the Nostalgia Lane, with melancholic windows, look out towards me..
Rest in Peace ..

BlogFest~ Nostalgic Moments

It feels so weird. I can't cry. I cannot laugh.I can just stare at the past that's gone and look at our pictures, knowing that you're gone..too.
I know you're there, there'll be people telling me you are.. But I know you're not..
You're an enlightenened soul, and not wordly, anymore..
And yet my heart seeks..yearns.. for the moments that became memories..
To re-live..rejoice
To Love and to be loved, to be understood and encouraged..
We had it all..didn't we?
24th August,2010
The day was magical..
So was the last telephone call..I'll regret disconnecting the call Kinshi..I'll regret a lot of things I never did..a lot of things I never said..But I know you knew me too well.. You knew everything that I ever had to say..silently smiling.. jerking your fair, your eyes would hint, It'll all be okay..I need that hug, I need that embrace,
I need to believe again. I need.
Just for Once..

Just for Once..Today, Tomorrow

Every single day..passes..
And a realization haunts me..
That we might not meet on this journey anymore..
24th August, 2010 was the last time my friend
when we danced, frolicked
Fought and made up,
I tied you the Rakhi, and you were so frustrated,
and yet you smiled, looking at the hot kachoris, I'd bought.
You took out money from the ATM, a 100rupees note
My account was yours, you knew my password!
We fought, fought like the night and the day
not knowing,
they are part of a larger Unity, of this Universe
But I saw the fire turn to dust,
I saw it all in front of my eyes,
I saw it all fall apart.
And yet the fire comforts, a broken heart.

I fear the time and distance, lost too much already
This journey seems ever-lasting and daunting
I feel like a mediator between me and myself,
condoling and consoling, the two.
And yet, the nights seem too long.
As the days pass by.

Soon today shall become the past,
a day gone, wasted and mourned.
I fear a tomorrow,that makes its presence felt
Like the air I breathe, like an invisible intangible bubble
That surrounds me, like your hug.

I see your halo, in the sun rays and the hot coffee vapors,
in the light blue sky and the wings of a butterfly.
I see your shadow in the wisdom of a child,
or the playfulness of the old man who smiles back at me.

You are too much present to be absent, my friend,
But this heart o' mine longs for you
each passing moment
I wish, just wish, you hear me once,
and come to share this struggle I keep inside.

I still see you in every note that I read,
every time I pass that backyard lane
I feel you around, in the rain,
You spin me around, in a multitude of ways.

Just yet, I ask, you for that one last time,
Let us be friends again?
Come lets have some Belgian chocolate
and play dumb-charades,
and on an act, we begin to laugh,
the kind of laughter, that resonates for ever.

Come back my friend, even if it is for that one last stance
Lets live forever..in this one moment
Just for once.