Monday, August 22, 2011

I want to be The Girl

I want to be the girl
he's scared to lose
The one who makes him shiver
with her feathered touch.

I want to be that girl
who is his only princess
The one who can build his dreams
With the utmost care of a mother.

I want to be his girl
he'd hold me tight
and we'll slow dance under the moonlit sky
the breeze blows my hair,his fingers sweep them aside.

I want to be that girl 
who makes him lose his sense
for whom he'd fall on his knees
and break all the spells.

I want to be the girl
whom he'd call his wife
The one who would define his love
in golden sermons and starry lights

I want to be the girl
he loves, he holds by her waist
As he tells me about her,
I sit and regret.My silence.
I want to be that girl.