Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guest Post by Nikhil Mahajan

Time for another guest post, my dear Readers!
And this one, is a not-so-politically Correct one! In here, he talks of the much talked about Anna Revolution..
Thank you Nikhil Mahajan, for writing this piece for my blog.

Nikhil Mahajan, hails from Jammu and is a published author. His book is titled, My Love Never Faked and he owns a blog too.
Nikhil Mahajan
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I still remember the day I got a small message with a logo on the right side of my Facebook Wall. It was a fight against a cause where we all were asked to join by a single click. Many of us may have joined the cause just thinking it like another bogus event. But with due course of time it turned out into next biggest thing in the country. 

It was ANNA against Corruption; a common man against an empire. The groups were made further, Pages were liked and further initiatives were taken over the issue on a serious way where masses joined and met further to the execution of the Event. And today still people are sharing and liking the Anna movement over their wall. Something same happened over Twitter, another biggest social network around the globe. Even US- Officials were seen tweeting over the Anna’s revolution. It is just like revolution in the interior of the country. A country with the bulkiest constitution; which took around 3 years and a lot of amendments were made since then still making it more bulkier but this weight was being put upon the shoulder’s of common man where rescues were made for the corrupt officials and a common man was force to corrupt the society.

These social media networks are now helping a common to speak up and to put upon their views and something same happened for the fight against corruption; just like the way India was connected all across its borders by Hindi and English papers where Gandhi ji was a means of connection under British government. Here Anna not being a supporter of any political parties is a common man like us standing against Government and taking initiatives to clean this pond of dirty corruption. He may look simple at his attire but this Annaberg(Iceberg) is going to hit the Indian corrupt Titanic where corruption has to sink.

India and the Indian has really changed and I hope my pen works like a virus here. Finally we got new way to use social networking; connecting the country and each section of society from wall to wall.


Nikhil is a very good friend of mine- someone I can talk about anything under the sun. You must read his Book,
My Love Never Faked, the review of which shall be uploaded soon here in my blog.

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Hope you like this post and the book as well.
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