Monday, August 15, 2011

India-Pakistan, Independence for whom?

Sixty-Five years of being an Independent nation, Sixty five years of the Partition..
Sixty-five years of being separated from our fellow-men in Bangladesh and Pakistan.
I woke up and saw the flag hoisting..Sang the National anthem, like any other proud Indian, and then saw Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, and the present veiled the pride and valor, and in its place, came a feeling of Disgust and Shame.
I opened Facebook and went on a particular page called Urdu and was shocked to see the profile picture..

A day ago, I posted on my friend's wall who lives in Lahore, to wish him and Pakistan a very happy independence day. I congratulated the creation of two strong emerging nations, Pakistan and India even though the Partition was painful. I am proud about the two nations, the way they are tackling situations of conflicts.

But to demean any one of them..either India or Pakistan, is not fair.. Why disrespect anyone at all? Kashmir is a very sensitive issue. It isn't about what you want or what I want..It is about what Kashmir wants. And History determines that. Not you or me.

ek dusre se mohabbat hi asli jeet hai..asli gurrooor hai.. kkya aapne kabhi hindi padhne i..samajhne ki taqalooff ki? kya bharat ke sanskriti ka lihaaz kia?

Urdu ka janam is dharti pe hi toh hua tha..yeh bharatiya nahi.. History..itihaas gawa hai is baat ki!

Itna ghamand kyu? aur haiun bhi toh fir wo is tareeke se jisse kisi aur ko thes pahunche??

Mai ek insaan hu aur mera dharm..meri insaaniyat hai.. Insaan ban jaiye janaab, jaat paat baad me padhte padhaate rahiye ga!

Happy Independence day to all my fellow Indians and Pakistanis.. We are all one. Believe me

I do not understand why some Pakistanis feel that what happens in Kashmir is their business? And if they are so keen, then why don't they have problems with how Maoists feel or how people down South want Telangana?

It is shameful that because of some people, people of Pakistan(HolyLand) are misunderstood.

I request to all my fellow-men across the borders, We respect you and we want to co-exist peacefully. No Prejudices.