Friday, August 12, 2011

Its Okay!

A time not too long ago, I felt that the world was crashing down at my feet.
That life couldn't get worse and it would be better if I died instead.
And then Mumbai happened to me!

Planned upon a sudden trip to Mumbai within a day. Tickets arranged, bag packed, I left this miserly world of mine. And as I felt the salty air in Mumbai, I was greeted by a burst of steady showers. My kind of weather.. Brought a big broad smile on my face.

And as I started befriending the city, it enveloped me into its craziness and like the flow, I immersed..into the craziness. I stood at the Promenade, facing the sea, looking at the un-marked horizon and made me realise that End is Nothing. It is as far as you can see.

I'd felt Love before. But when it ended, I never thought I'd love again. But I learnt,
Love is as simple and as complicated as we make it to be.

Love touched me. I felt love in every moment. Every peck, every hug and every time I heard Love, I believed it. This was the same girl, who'd thought she could never Love again.. Probably she won't love like she did before. But she would Love.. most definitely!

Life..Thank you for meeting me..once again!