Saturday, August 20, 2011

Me and You~ A conversation

I know I'll Die But still
I want to take this chance.
The Rain... You... And a missing umbrella..
And our Last Romance.

The tea shop.. Those local snacks..
Remind me of a yellow yesterday
Of not too long ago..
You said, It may upset your stomach
But my heart rejoiced to see you smile,instead.

Good For you. She said.

I know I'll Die
But I will still try...
To see you, one last time
And say sorry for all that
That I have never done.

When you Blush with anger,
I will try to give you a smile
I wish you don't smile back..
The smile that caused me
A thousand deaths and a life.

As you wish.
I won't. She said.

I know I'll die, but still
There are things I'd want you to believe
Every time my words fail, I hurt more than you 
A person having a bandaged knee and elbow.
Cant bend too easily for you..
And yet, I try to do.

Its okay. Please don't. She said.

I know the time is not right
to think of my own wounds
I know its high time
To resonate my own silence.

I know someday, you'll forgive me
For the stand i dint take,
The vows I never made
But trust the Day of Judgement,
My love for you never faked.

I trust no one. But I'll try.
For I know I loved a love
That was true.
The rest was forever flawed, my dear. She said.

I know I hurt you, as I leave
A soldier of a border is hard to believe
But as I leave, I give you my memories
Live them, cherish them, Till I come.
Back into your arms.Again.

I know who I am,
But to decipher you was my plot
I shall come for the sake of my love
And if you only trust no one,
I want to be so.

The man leaves and she shuts the door.
Slits her wrist.Falls on the floor.
The angry men come.Push open the door.
They look at the body, strip her down.Naked.
It does not affect her.Anymore.

Co-crafted by Gaurav Chawla.