Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anna Revolution:Force or Farce?

Humor is a powerful tool. Use it wisely.
Issued in public interest

*To people who think lame jokes about sensitive issues is their right to expression*

I was shocked to see a very good friend of mine, upload a horrendous series of Jokes
 associated with the Anna Hazare movement today.And when confronted, she said, It was her freedom of expression.
Which makes me wonder, look at the Irony. The Man, is fighting for the rights of this very youth- Who chooses to post baseless rather, frivolous jokes and carried it forward within the circle of friends through the likes and the comments on a popular social-networking site.

Well, I'd say, Unfortunate.
It is not to say that one doesn't have the right to take sides. One may observe things and then judge for their Own. That is Freedom. That is, Democracy, my friend.

But, to make fun of A Peoples Movement by someone who has no idea what is happening in and around, has no right to comment. And to joke upon such a sensitive issue, is A Crime.
As simple as that.

Today, I was there amongst thousands of others, and the uproar my friends, has no adjectives to be aptly described upon!
It was phenomenal!
I have never seen so many people come together, chant their national and religious songs and all of it, Unitedly.
There were people transcending all stratas, all schemes.. All scopes of economy, religion, society and polity, who wanted just one thing: Their Right to Freedom of Expression. They wished to protest, and they were denied so, by the UPA(2) government.
And this, my friend is just the beginning. This time, the chants were heard not only in the Capital, New Delhi but in almost all parts of the nation.
That is the people's manner of using their Freedom of expression

But how unfortunate it is, for my Nation and for every person, who went to support the movement today and who would ahead in the coming days, that the same Freedom, is being "used" (I'd prefer writing misused, rather) by privileged sections of the same youth, to Call the movement.. A Farce.

Farce? What is farce? A 73- year old man wanting to make a difference? Not for him, but for You? Me?.. Us?
That he sat for indefinite fast, keeping in mind, his  age?
Arvind Kejriwal, a highly diabetic patient, has been unwell for the last 3 months, but is undeterred to continue his fast too. Is this farce?
Or as a matter of fact, today, almost 7000 Indians were "detained" by police officials, who were peacefully protesting.
In fact, even as I write this, I get reports of my friends being detained too.
All this, is Farce?

If it still is, then yes, Democracy in India is a farce.. If anything is Farce, it is this illusion that "Sab Theek Hai" ( All is well)
because all is not Well. Like someone well said today, All is rather, Bhel ( A mixture, eaten as snacks, which is basically a mixture of crisps). Why are people silent, when it comes to Speaking for political indecencies. Why is it a taboo, for the youth to Speak out.. To Protest. Why is political activism taken to be derogatory by our society?

People compare the Anna Revolution to the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. Though I most certainly agree that the uproar of the masses, took the government by surprise by its tumult..I decline to compare it to any other revolution. The two revolutions, had specific mass backings and a limited spread. In contrast, the Global Indian too spoke up, not only the Indian in India. People from all walks of life- Students, Common Man, officials, Lawyers all came together, criss-crossing all stratifications, for the cause of a Common Goal- The Freedom our forefathers had fought for and had achieved 64 years back.

I may be thought upon as a pro-Anna supporter. But this revolution is not a one-man show. It is a Peoples Movement. Anna Hazare, is our icon. He motivates us. Inspires us. Encourages us. But it is our fight. We make it happen. What would have one frail old man done without the cause? It is the cause, that is the backbone of the movement.
I am, perhaps too emotional about it, because I seen it all. The People..The Cause..The Anna...

I am an Indian citizen and I feel, the Lokpal Bill is a necessity to ensure accountability..Yes, even from the people we elect, through our votes. And for everyone else! Even the Prime Minister of India!

I support the anti-corruption Movement! 
Do you?