Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Post- Venkateswaran Ramachandran

This guest post is by a poet-friend, Venkateswaran Ramachandran who writes with a Pen Name RV. He writes poetry as well as short stories. He owns a blog named, I Speak . A prolific writer, you must visit his blog too.You can do so by clicking on the Blog name.

He wrote the following post, a poem in response to a poem I had written, titled, You Didn't Love her. You can click on the link to read it. He wrote, You didn't Love Him
A beautiful expression in return I must say. I love conversational poetry!
If you want to write one, then go ahead and do so! I would love to include it here!
Hope you like it!
And thanks RV!
BIO About RV

I am a very friendly, optimistic, self-confident person. Like to make lots of friends. 

A Trainee software Developer by profession, but a simple and straight forward person from heart.Started writing a blog with some intentions but when realized that i was wrong, changed up my mind and started being a genuine blogger with no intentions whatsoever.....

The Love he showed towards you girl,
Was limitless and you know that girl.
He gave you smile and wiped off your tears,
Hey girl, he even took out your fear.

He did whatever he could for you,
He loved you girl and waited for you.
You even didn’t bother to think of him,
But only when mattered, you did use him.

He still kept smiling and waited for you,
With a hope that someday even you’ll come through.
He did know you were on with someone,
But great the boy, still wished luck for that one.

Love for you wasn’t more than a game,
Hey girl you should be down, full of shame.
Love never meant for you anytime,
The boy still wishing you to be happy all-time.

Boy is wasting still his time,
Still hoping you are back anytime.
Hey girl, never say you loved someone,
Coz a loving heart might never this much hurt someone.

A Poem summarizing real life experience.

P.S : This poem is not meant to hurt anyone, so hope you take it only as a poem and not as a taunt or something else....