Friday, October 21, 2011

My Hair, My Pride

A hair in the head is worth two in the brush. William Hazlitt

We lose around 100 strands of hair each day and yet we marvel at our locks in front of our mirrors almost every single day, for years!
Our moods often fluctuate according to the silk and shine of our hair and we feel beautiful when we feel the freshness and the bounce on top of our haughty heads.
Here's a toast to our lovely Goldi-Locks!

You envisage me, like I were a sage
and you, my only piece of cloth
You wrap me up, when the world is cold
Promise to never leave me, even when I grow old!

To lose you, little by little each day
pains my heart, not just the root
a silent love, that exists between us,
I find it to be so true!

Oh! Lovely strands of vengeance
you are the crown of every princess 
It is you, who makes my lover come back
It is you, which I fraught to lack.

Dreadful days frighten me,
when you become jittery
I wash, I comb I pamper you so,
and yet, you fumble like a little lost child.

But the next day, you're back again
a few strands lost, but still strong and long
we smile at each other in the reflection
as I own you as you own my pride.

I know Dove takes care of you
And you handle my mood swings
Thank you Dove for making me feel special
As me and my hair feel Beautiful!

My Hair, My Pride.
It loves me back.

I use Dove range of hair and body products and I recommend it to everyone!