Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Pack of Cards

The candle flickered the trails of this lane
Dancing shadows shimmered in tranquil black
Amicable visions faded into hollow darkness
As the queen was dethroned from the pack.

The men drank the sweet blood
They drew from soury drops of sweat
All now swallowed by the angry grays
Following extinguished fire of venomnous bewilderment.

Some babies cried the tears
Of the sin their fathers committed
Women shrunk into beaded prayers
The whole town burned with unrest.

They tore my clothes,bared my skin
No one heard my cries that night,
What for was I punished,
Why o why, did I die?

Tonight I sit,and swing
The full moon lights my skin
Sky becomes my drape
And I finally rise up to Him.