Monday, October 24, 2011


Words hurt,
like angry bites
chords stangle around
the voice
breathe no more
just stand still
there are moments to come
before your heart bleeds.
don't stop running
escape the tenderness
your protected will.
Let it hurt
till it hurts nomore
and the body numbs down
to the heart's core.
Let the pain nibble within
like a decaying corpse
there is no beginning
or end to this flux.
hit on it,
with all your might
till your soul glitters
in this morbid moonlight.
Strike again
and again, with your might
flummox the vision of tomorrow
your day comes tonight.
Die, a skill to be taught
is waiting for you
within a sight
of hungry concords
of a bitter-sweet delight.
Sink in, dwell in the pit
of anger and thrust, revenge and cries.
You shall rise.
You shall rise.
Only after you die.