Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Reply~ Guest Post

An email sent by a friend whom I was upset with. But I am no more.
Thank you Sidza.
This poem he wrote in reply to the Poem, Stand By Me that I have recently posted.
Your cuteness shall always melt my anger away!

Subject: With reference to your poem Stand By Me in your blog, I wanted to say something..

No matter How far you may go, how far you may leap.I'll be there to hold you tight whenever you weep.
Even when you are out of my sight, Even if the days turn to night.I'll ignite make you paths bright.
Even when the ocean rises high, or the clouds scatter thunder.I'll always be their to alert you before you make blunder.
Though I am not a smart chap, I am not a stud.But I can promise to stand by you with all my gut.

I know that you are still angry with me.....I'll always regret for notbeing able to understand you :(
But I promise I'll stand by you .... like a true friend.... for everand ever and ever and ever and ever....and ever..Keep that Billion $ smile on your sweet face.... :)


Thank you Siddharth Goswamy for such a lovely gesture. God Bless you!