Monday, October 24, 2011

My Qvendo Wishlist~ Attention! Men

So, those who wish to impress me can have a look!
You must be wondering what this is about! Well, I came across this wonderful site! And it has a fabulous collection with such amazing discounts on branded stuff! You SHOULD NOT miss this!
Go on, get yourself access to the best place to go shopping!
Here is the invite..! Reign the floor! Man and Women alike!


Calvin Klein Yellow Dress

The Little Black dress

A skirt for the little girl

My Princess would look so pretty in this!

This one would look perfect on my handsome cousin Brother

A green one for me! Looks uber-cool! The world's gonna go green with envy!

Oh! This one for the day I want to burn the world!

I have always fantasised about a black ballerina!! How lovely!!!

My dad's vying for one, for a long long time! Would love to gift him one!

Belts are a must! They catch u up when things fall apart! :)
This one is quite a keep!

This bag, my dear ladies..Is a keeper! You have GOT to have this!!!

This one is a beauty! Times when you wish you were a man! I'd buy this one, just to fantasise!

In love with this shirt~ I'd gift this to my Man someday!

Hilfiger always manages to catch my eye when it comes to Men's Apparel! Look at this beauty!

I love this shade of green! :) We Would look perfect with me wearing a pink dress!

I am going to wear this one! :) A steal with the winter setting in!

My brother is going to love this..Or maybe his girlfriend would love it more! haha!