Saturday, October 29, 2011

The F-Word Storm

There comes a time in every 21st century-woman's life when she starts wondering about the F-word.
No, not that!
I mean, Feminism.
2011 is the 100th year of celebrating the International Women's Day. So I went soul-searching on the topic.Am I a feminist..And a roaring confident gurgle escaped my throat, as I snapped, "You bet, I am!"
To take an example, I had a conversation with my good friend, Mishti about it. What she thinks about Feminism.. And together managed to state 10 reasons, why we love Feminism and are proud ardent Feminists, by choice!

Though I'd say, this has been quite easy to put down, keeping in mind, the sense of discrimination and violence being surmounted upon the feminine fraternity.

1. Every evening I see a random drunk man in his forties, beat his wife and daughter at times, in the middle of the road, while the public stared at the proceedings, looking at the woman as her clothes were ripped apart,her saree being pushed to her bared thighs and blouses hanging loosely at the breasts.

2. I can feel the tension rising within me the moment my watch tickers to 7pm. Evening times are a strict NO for women to be on streets.As if, women do not have a life of their own. Every time she steps down her stairs, she has a 87% chance of getting raped,molested or sexually/verbally harassed, if a woman lives in Delhi and other such metropolitan centers.

Oh, did I mention that Sexual harassment is euphemistically called Eve-teasing in India!!!

3. Whenever I ask someone (here, a male) for technical help, he behaves as if I am from the Stone Age. Just because I am asking you about SEO doesn't mean I don't know Blogging! What is it with that "I know it all" attitude?

4. I shall always be the "bad one" in the relationship, in case it fails to work. If the guy cheats on me, he probably found someone better than me! If I found someone better than the guy, I am characterless. If the guy sleeps with another woman, I cannot satisfy him.If I find pleasure elsewhere, I am a SLUT.

5. If I write a sad poem, I have had a cat died..I have my periods..I am fussy.
If a guy likes/writes Poetry, he's sensitive, kind and understanding.It reflects his "intellect".

6. A woman in the eyes of a metropolitan man, is a glossy, 5' 9" 38-28-40 typical who PMSes, watches Saas-Bahu melodramas, applies bright red lipstick and black nailpolish to drive men crazy and of course, instead of working, sit and make plots to find new men or bring back old flames.. (As if our bosses pay us to   watch our derriere!)

7. I am supposed to be a Rainy-sissy if I do not laugh at every sexist joke that passes around.And not react to sexist remarks..Such remarks are supposedly "friendly" in nature. Calling someone a Sexy whore, is NOT funny, ladies and gentle-men!

8. I feel sickened by the very thought that around 100million women never get to exist in this world due to female infanticide! How sick can people get really!

9. People who get a little tensed due to my affiliations to feminism, get surprised at the thought that I can Babysit, Cook,Clean the house and be domestic too. Why is that surprising? I believe every individual, man or a woman should be able to such chores effectively!

10. I love the reactions that I get when people know that I am a feminist.Some call me narrow-minded, others feel I am biased. Lets just say, I love being true to myself and my species. I am a human and a woman and I shall do my duties, as both!

For all those who do not agree, Good for you. Because, when history saw a trajectory of women suffering from social evils, malice, exploitation, identity-crisis, you did not care any more or less.
So now that we've learned to show the fist, when folded hands no longer work,
Every dog has his day.
So do the Bitches.
Why? Why twitching? If dog is an animal, so is a bitch. Why the negative connotation, dear male chauvinists?

Dear readers, leave in your comments! I'd love to know your views too!