Friday, October 28, 2011

You bring me back into Life!

Bleeding veins sang profusely
the tale of death, you were written on
I saw her cry, your mother
shouting your name, again and again.

Sighs of pain, in and out
the movements now beyond words
I look at your shape,
the only one, unstirred.

I sat with your head in my lap
herds of people crying with shocked gasps
unvalleying the grief within
They look at me with blank correspondence.

Closed eyes, beg with mortal finesse
I am not dead, not yet.
You are not, I want to say
But these are unspoken words, a writhing tempest within.

The lifeless viscosity so profound,
dubious heart, relents in a galore of thoughts
contradicting the reality, faith speaks
the mind warns of a choked concoction.

I retrieve the memories,
our laughs, the moments we held on to
How can you go away,
How can you just..Die?

My nasal chords sting
an odour of decaying flesh
stirs around the haven, now 
a rusty deserted flat.

You are being taken away,
I hold you wailing mother tight
A tear escapes nonchalantly
as I grasp your hand,that one last time.

Abeyant romance, is what remains
a destitute of life, stares within me
What happened to all the promises,
You had promised to never let go, you did.

Tonight I can write my dreams off
the framed shelves now thrown astray
flossy images of a futured past
remains like an inkling in the wind.

Close my eyes, to the darkness
looking for a light
That is when a feeble beacon 
shines your halo, a frightful sight.

Your nose still bleeds, a rough patch of blue
your eyes, a light gray, eerie as it seems
your mouth protruding, ghastly gasps resonate
I shriek with fear, as you sit beside me, with a smile.

I came to love you, I could not leave you
You held me all through my life, you hold me now too
Go away, I shouted, this cannot be true!
You are dead, you died in front of my eyes!

You looked into my eyes, hypnotic as ever
with life like I'd never seen before
Taking my hand in yours, you spoke to me
It was quarter past two, this had to be a dream!

I blinked repeatedly, and you snorted your typical laugh
made me stop abruptly, I touched your face unhurriedly.
You came close and kissed me in my lips, real as ever
I am yours Mishti, our love immortal.

I close my eyes again, twilight sparkling in my brazen eyes
You cover me up into a cloak of dreams
and I rise, above all realities of my mind
You bring me back into Life!
You bring me back into Life!!

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