Friday, October 28, 2011


Splotch the boundaries, you make your mark
You, humane of all, cut me apart
and strike again one by one,
I shall wait and watch, only till I choose not to harm.

Definitions were made to clarify
not to obtruse the meaning of my genesis.
Blemishes hound my naked being
as you write down your names on my abreasted soul.

You take me for granted, a silent listener
But behold your thoughts my friend, you have only seen my love.
Defining Love, Friendship, into blotches of convenience
Nature has become a mere background to your creations.

I shall speak one fine day
And that day shall see your end,
Don't take a warning, shed your definitions
Love as much and cry if you must
Let Me take my own course.
If you still shall tighten your fist,
your fingers shall turn brittle,in a matter of time.
Don't resist my love, or acquaint my hate too often.