Friday, November 4, 2011


The Myth-maker
I write to thee,the story of time
When passages were small,roads sublime
between you and them, a dwindled taker.

Herculean tales to Babylonia sermons
Cults venerated of magic cusps and trees
Mother Goddesses, ochre and mutilated debris
I seethe the Chinese dragons and Asian demons.

Past glimpses resonate the fear
guilt of the rule, curse of the ruled
Age of humanity often ridiculed
and sometimes, show us that End is near

I tell thee, the secret verses of faith and occult
the face of a yesterday, you would barely know
I stand testimony,to you I show
in writings of time, in papyrus and basalt.

I, the myth-maker of time
tell some concealed lies
forfeit my own desires
Seek me from the rudimentary ruins and cure of thyme.