Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book Review- Faceless by Tapan Ghosh

Name: Faceless-The only way out
Author: Tapan Ghosh

Price: Rs.145

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

ISBN Number: 978-93-81115-98-5

Just when I had thought Indian writing to be synonymous with Falling in and out of Love like a fish in an aquarium, I tasted difference in the air. Thanks to, Tapan Ghosh's book Faceless-The Only Way Out.
Well, no!
If you are guessing this does not have Love! It does. What is life devoid of Love after all! :) And to write a story in India and sell it, Love, Sex and Satire need to be part of the manuscript! Tapan's book stands out because of it's innocence on one hand and maturity at the other. Innocence about Life-how one is unsure about Life's twists and turns and yet, how just one moment of sheer contentment makes us assured of what we want in our lives. Maturity about how to deal with the turbulence our passions cause in our otherwise, planned lives.

An Introduction

Meet, two best friends, Khush and Shom (Unique names that instantly arises curiosity about the personalities of the two characters) who live and die for each other. What binds them together is not only, their ever-lasting brotherhood and friendship but also the fact that they are in their Forties, married and are businessmen. Life takes a turn when Shom meets Raima and they fall in love with each other. But love isn't easy- as many a hundred philosophers have told written and contemplated about! So, their relationship goes through hardships- What happens ultimately? Does Love win over Life? Is it actually about winning over or rather, the coagulation of the two and the symmetry this mingling causes that make Life, worthwhile? Raima finds a best friend in Seema who is in her mid-twenties and studies Architecture, just as Raima.

The good thing about Faceless, is that it is Tapan's first attempt. In that sense, the freshness which is often termed as "naivety" of the New-born author, brings out a crisp love story with a novel angle, hitherto unexplored. Each character has been given a clear cut space-with a background that at the end, streams and merges into the climax.

The not-so-good aspect about Faceless would be the monotonous tone of the book, which makes me wonder if it would look better as a film. The romance, is sadly over-stretched and the reader would find it over the board. The climax is reached at a sudden juncture and wrapped up in a haste. While the rest of the scenes take their own time to ripen. Probably the pace of the book had to be kept in mind.

But all in all, considering it has been his first attempt at writing, I see great potential in his writing algorithm!
And I wish Tapan great luck with his future endeavors!
I give a 3 out of 5 for this book.

Tapan is an engineer by profession but an adventurous man at heart who has lived life on his terms.
His book ‘Faceless’ is his first foray outside the field of Science and Technology. His honest style draws extensively from people and places he knows and is familiar with. You can reach him through the following ways!

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