Monday, February 13, 2012

Book Review: Silent Moments of Melancholy by Amol Redij

Silent Moments Of Melancholy

Publisher: Alethia Publishing
ISBN: 97881920433
Format: Paperback
Price: Rs.145
Pages: 100
Genre: Poetry

My Rating:  3 out of 5

Hello friends!

Today I am reviewing an anthology called, Silent Moments of Melancholy by Amol Redij.

His first attempt, and a beautiful one indeed. I have always believed that writing Poetry is much more difficult than writing a novel, though I do agree that the two are entirely different things.
Poetry requires lesser words, deeper connotations and a nerve to twitch and bend words into your flow.
The title itself, Silent Moments of Melancholy, makes a picturesque appeal to my thoughts. The book cover shows a man walking into a path, that leads to a foggy entree and a tree, somewhere ahead, calling him to rest and ponder for a while.

The best part about this book is that it offers you a world inside our world that is otherwise rushing in angst! This world of his, is silent, introspecting and ecstatic. It offers you a refuge to rest and breathe. Also interesting is the Variety of themes he dwells into- from war scenes, to love and different moods- tire, happy, ache, disgust, anger, anxiety and salvage.

There are some pieces I loved. Cursed shows the ache of a love lost, beautiful and soothing, yet painful. A Scorned, Torn Paper is a muse, even I love! And he does fair justice to it! Lost Kingdom is the place where the poet seeks his love and is now lost in this real world.. The best pick would be  Lessons from an Old Man, which is a preaching for life, to the readers using subtle examples from the life of the old man. 

The only thing that I felt missing was, the inter-connections. The poems placed one after the other create dis-junctions for my reading.Maybe if they were placed according to themes or muses, then it would have been better.
But like I always say, these are suggestions rather than criticisms. One major botheration was the placing of punctuation marks. I hope the second edition would keep those away. 
All in all, a good attempt, I would say. Usage of nice comprehensive words and yet, the messages come out clearly with a certain suppleness that subtly warms the heart. 

Amol Redij

Amol is a creative person by birth and an IT Professional by chance, currently employed with India’s top IT company. His love for literature and more so with poetry began in early childhood, though he is equally at ease with Mathematics and laws in Physics. 

Amol’s passion to write has been ascending ever since. Amol has scripted skits during his school & college days and has lately scripted a full length Marathi play. He has also finishing his first novel, which is on final stages of first edit.

With a team of talented writers, Amol manages a blog at

He can be contacted here:

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