Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Come Back!

Fame! Fame! Fame!
What power lies, in those bequeathed eyes
that sets you on fire,
of deceit hurt and lies.
What are you panting for,
running behind those crooked smiles
Stinging sunshine or gloomy monsoons
what pleasure shall you derive from being so perfect
when all the joys lie, in being perfectly imperfect.
And you destroy,
every inch of hope, like a rope
saddled between a well and a hill
to jump, is to die, to choose one
And still smile,
why! O why! I hate your disguise
Let go, of it, Now Now!
Come back, lets cheat the sun and run
into shades of the Banyan, rest under it
closing eyes, we hunch back, our feet resting in mid air
we talk in resonating silence
Those times call us back,
it is never too late,
And we are never too big nor small,
We are after all, etched into life,
Like Cognac in the sherry glass,
Lets Celebrate life, being who we are,
No pretensions, no faking by
Waste no time!


  1. Beautifully said!
    use of first few lines to provide twist is remarkable while urge in the end provided the space for poetic imagination which was beautifully filled:)

  2. Thank you so much Sukhi, for your comment!
    Do keep visiting my Neverland!


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