Sunday, February 12, 2012

I would have Loved..

I would have loved to play some more,
but the rope has reached it's end
The story I know for sure,
won't follow me through the bend.
I would have loved to sleep watching the stars
and wake up to your musk fragrance
But I must be that far
To see you breathe, and give life a second chance.
I would have loved to hold your hand
and be the little girl you love,
and not the daughter after whom you ran
when she was carried to the Heavens above!
I would have loved to be your wife
and be the mother to your children
A few more drops of life,
Would have fulfilled the dreams we'd woven.
I would have loved to hang on,
a little more than what I could
But no, do not stop, sing me our song
as I sleep unto a place where I belong.