Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Review: Butterfly by Julie O'yang


Format: Kindle
  • ASIN: B006P2OBMK
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Author: Julie O'yang

My Rating: 

This is the one of the few books I have read of non- Indian contemporary authors in recent times, and it was a good decision to pick it up. And I must admit one thing, the difference in the writing is so very evident. If one were to read an Indian and a non-Indian book, s/he could very well recognise it without even knowing if the author is Indian or not. Authored by the gracious looking and talented Julie O' yang, this book flows like poetry. It reminds you of silken sheets, sumptuous wine and things that soothe your nerves, like Beethoven and yet, you are more than aware of your surroundings.

Such is the beauty of this novel. I was introduced to it over a Kindle version and it is the first time I used it. Thanks to the Kindle App in my Android phone! I read it over a period of twelve nights. And I almost had to drag myself to sleep. It is the kind of book that requires you to hold the character's hand and walk with different stages and with different characters. So by the time you snap out of it, you realize you are a changed person. You can almost feel the difference in you, like you have moved on, and that like a butterfly, your journey is meant to go on, from one place to the other. The book is a tragic, yet an enduring account of a Chinese woman- about her journey through forbidden love, loss of her child, rejection and humiliation of the society. All this with the background of The Second World War- The Sino-Japanese War when Manchuria is occupied by the Japanese. So, reading this book became even more delightful as I could feel the cultural interventions and intermingling going on. The constraints, the frictions have been beautifully structured in the book by Julie. Love, Lust, Anger, Pain and Hope would stain your eyes time and again, as you experience them along with the character every now and then. This is the kind of book that you read from cover to cover and when you are done, it changes you. Transforms you.From Cover to Cover.

I highly recommend this book to every artist- be it a painter, a writer, a scribbler, sculptor. Anyone who knows art, the art that transcends beyond words, horizons and boundaries. I did not find a single spelling error in the book. It feels good to know that such books are still made. And there are just about enough readers to enjoy them. The rest shall fade down soon. But this one book, has a long long way to go. Thumbs up!

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