Friday, February 17, 2012

Book Review: My love Never Faked by Nikhil Mahajan

My Love Never Faked

Format: Paperback
Pages: 182
Publication: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
ISBN: 9789380349220
Genre: Romance
Price: Rs.100

My Ratings:3 out of 5

"My Love Never Faked, trust me I still love you"

The title itself sounds like some Bollywood Masala Flick.
This is one book that will reflect typical Bollywood mists around you as you go on to read about how Abhay, a young, fun-loving guy who treads on notorious paths to ultimately find himself in a lot of trouble. The author, Nikhil seems to be well versed with the trends that follow with the youth. Therefore, the tale is spun around a college background, involving a loose-headed guy, Abhay who has a girlfriend named Priya but he chooses to find his muse in Ellenor, a girl he met in an online escort website.

Things further digress as he has a fight with Priya and that leads to him getting closer to Ellenor, even though he loves Priya. Matters of the heart often get complicated with the presence of more than one partner. This is what happens with Abhay too. He goes through a bad phase, having fought with his best friends, his girlfriend- the only people whom he loved.

There are two features about this book that really caught me. First, it is an out-and-out "Just For Fun" kinda book, but made strictly for the young people. He is sure of not writing a piece of authentic literature. So you won't find difficult looking words, or out of the box content. But writing in a simple neat format, needs appreciation too, considering it is his first attempt at writing. The other thing is the way he has framed his story. Unlike most of the books that I have read recently, his book ends in an open-ended manner. In the sense, it does not have a clichéd ending wherein the lovers unite and the the last page ends with a "..and they happily lived together" tag.

All this said, the spellings and certain grammatical errors are sadly, quite hard to miss. They make the reading  bit difficult. I really hope that Shrishti Publications would live up to its name and edit the second edition of the book before releasing it. Nonetheless, this first attempt by a promising author, Nikhil Mahajan is appreciated. And to add to that, his good looks might just find him a place in the Big Bad world of Bollywood too! Lets wish him luck for that too!

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