Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When Shopping Becomes Zapping!

Shopping in the recent times has experienced a huge impetus with the concept of online shopping changing the way, people Shop. Contrary to what most economists of the recession era believe, people have Not stopped Buying. In fact the last four years has seen an exhilarating boom in online shopping and marketing sectors that has led to a lot of international dotcoms to sit-up and take notice of the Indian online market. Possibly, that explains why sites have planned prospective projects keeping in mind the Indian Shopper.
Not only in terms of the global economic sphere, but even India itself has become a witness to the plethora of online "web-shops" (if I can call them so) that have sprung up. While it has definitely made the life of a net-izen  very comfortable, the cyber show is a completely off game at times. India is already quite notorious for it's professionalism. The online shopper is at a far greater risk of either getting the wrong product or a huge shipping price.

Being an Internet savvy person, I  am always on the lookout for websites that offer good deals on gadgets and books. A friend of mine referred this site to me, called This website in his words, is "Unique". In ways more than one. Let me explain, how. First, I believe every website be it for any purpose, has to have a visual presence. Something that would grab a surfer's attention. The colors, the theme, and the content.

Some key features that really seemed ahead of the "Race" for me were:

- In contrast to other online retail websites, this one has a Grey-black Charcoal theme, with colourful icons and clear texts with heads placed in order, one below the other. Such a neat pattern, attracts the eye.

- Unlike other retailers, it does not boast about selling "everything". They are very clear about the things they offer- mostly electronics such as Mobiles, Tablets, Cameras, Music Players and other accessories. So, a surfer would know exactly what he is looking for in the website and find it very easily and quickly.

- Most of these online retailers talk of providing their customers with the best Deals and prices. With Zap, here is the catch. They have two forms of sale. First is the Insta Purchase wherein a customer can avail the particular item at the market price. The second method, is Called Zapping the price or bidding, wherein the user can "zap" or bid for an item. Similar bids would be placed on that particular item after which, the product can be bought for the lowest price!

Oh did I also mention Free shipping? Unlike other websites which have a minimum ceiling to avail free shipping. And the overall customer reviews and feedbacks also reflect how satisfied they are with Zapstore.
A new venture, this online portal seems to be abuzz with a huge potential to lift online retailing to newer zeniths. I have a big problem with flashy websites and this one simply soothes the eyes! No flashy ads or weird pop-ups, one can with much ease place their orders. This itself reflects a sense of commitment and efficient customer servicing. They also have a registered address and telephone numbers that are open all day and night, keeping in mind the nocturnal creatures some of us are! 

I am very much impressed by this site and I have a feeling that it will soon expand its arenas and yet, remain constrict and disciplined in terms of the variety, quality and content of their portal. The "Zap it" feature is an exclusive feature of this site and is a great form of bargaining for a shopper such as me.An innovation indeed,  I suggest all my readers to surely have a look at this site and judge for your own selves!

And in case you have any problems in logging in or browsing through, they have a dedicated page for that, and that too through their unique flowcharts. These flowcharts remind me of how Computers at school were so much fun due to these flowcharts! Here is the page link: Zap-How

Hey, do not forget to give in your feedback here too! I would love to know if you agree or disagree! 
Till then, keep looking for the good things that life has to offer!

It's the time to Zap!  : )