Saturday, July 7, 2012

Birdie teaches you to go Round and Round!

Hello Friends.
I was strolling in a park, enjoying the afternoon as monsoon decided to finally fall upon us. I knew it would rain and what better than to sit amidst the grass, both of us seeking the first drops of rain onto us!
So I chose Jantar Mantar to be the perfect location, History, Beauty and Nature all waiting for the rains.
It was this bird, absolutely enjoying the weather. I am sure I need not explain what it is up to! So go ahead and shake a leg with it!

Birdie looks around, calculating the amount of risk involved in dancing in there.

There she moves her "best foot forward" deciding that no one really cares! :)
There, she swirls like vanilla in a cone, and swat! Falls on to her beak!

Embarrassed she raises her head, praying no one has seen her! Oh! I was hiding!!
We all have the right to have our privacy, after all!

Triumphant, she looks at the sky and cooes, I Did It!
The first drops of the rain start pricking into my skin as I run to hide my camera and birdie flies away a little, noticing my movement. But we both look at each other, and then at the sky and I know for sure, that our hearts pitter patter pitter patter with glee!