Sunday, June 24, 2012

Time for IBL- More Power to Bloggers!

Being a blogger my friend, is no easy play. 

It consumes your time, your effort and in case you are a personal blogger, then each blog-post takes away a little from you. As a blogger who started off writing only to bring her words to the world, I have always believed in the beauty of the real. But somewhere down the line, what had begun to worry me was the ignorance those bloggers faced who weren't really writing what the world of SEO, search engines and word optimizations ask for. Bloggers like me, who write what they feel when they feel, even if they are not "in demand" as such.

One day I was wandering down the alleys of Facebook, partly seeking a muse and otherwise, for simply passing time. That is when I received a notification from Deepak Karthik, a friend with whom I'd not interacted with. He'd added me to a group called Indian Bloggers League. I sulked at first, yet another group! And I sighed,  Yet another set of notifications!

I went to the group to change the settings to No Notification after which I was determined to go off to sleep. But to my surprise, I was hooked on to it all night! Why? Here's why.. The Indian Bloggers League or IBL  is a battle between blogs just like the Indian Premier League  or IPL.. Here, the teams are made by conjoining them to a city but players can be chosen from the entire sub-continent.
Thus, that night I participated in all the discussions, from discussing the team names to no. of players, genres and blogs and so much more. 

The Indian Bloggers League

The next day I was appointed as Captain of the Delhi Team and was asked to choose 16 members for my team. This was one of the most intensive-kind of work I have undertaken recently. The Document I had made for people to enlist their bog details for the short-listing, was the only one, Overflowing! Some captains   mocked about it while others were observing. It was fun, looking at how in a matter of few days, we were trying to understand each other and our teams, and there was a quest to make one's team, the best. I began to sift through the list. About 25 people had filled in the doc and about 10-15 more had messaged me to include them. Now the biggest question was How!
The IBL provided us the 8 genres which would be focused upon during the entire league, and thus, I needed a team that was strongly capable of tackling all the genres.

The entire league is divided into the following manner:
There would be two rounds, Round 1 Starting from July 1, 2012 followed by Round 2 after which there would be a semi-final round and then onto the finals where there would be a clear winner, and a runners up.
There would be more awards such as one for the best captain, best team in fair-play, best emerging blogger and many more.

The teams are: (in order of the logos in the picture. L-R)

1.Team Ahmedabad
2.The Bengaluru Blogger's Bistro
3.Bombay's Bloggywood
4.Pune Blog-in
5.Chennai Super Bloggers
6.Kolkata Knight Writers
7.Delhi Sutras
8.Patliputra Wordsmiths

The Delhi Sutras~ Simply E-wroughtic!

Being the captain of our team, called the Delhi Sutras has been exhilarating! From deciding the team members to keeping a team name..from discussing how to do what and not..
It has been a memorable journey which by the way has just begun! The actual showdown begins from the 1st of July. I am all set and my team is roaring with passion. We Delhi Sutras are Simply E-wroughtic! Hope to have a great competition and loads of fun!

Hop in! Here is how!

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