Sunday, July 8, 2012

Book Review: I am Heartless- Vinit K Bansal


TITLE: I'm Heartless- A Real Confession
AUTHOR: Vinit K. Bansal
FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 8183520960
PUBLICATION:  Mahaveer Publishing House
PRICE: Rs.125
MY RATINGS: 3 out of 5

I am Heartless is a rendition of a man who loved and yet failed to
love. It is a story that flaunts the cleavage between reality and
fantasy. What happens when a person fails to realise what constitutes
fantasy- beauty, love, perfection while he goes farther from the
realities-friendship, emotions, flaws and the imperfections. This is
the story of such a man who fantasised, loved, lost and was loved but
he let go of that love, for his infatuation with his fantasy of that
perfect woman-Pari- someone who liked him but could never love him.
Viren felt cheated, misled and miserably attached to his fantasy,
someone who would never become his reality. On the other hand, Mansi,
a friend from his hometown had always been there for him, loved him
selflessly and simply wished for love in return. When heartbreak
followed his day-dreaming, Viren could not take the rejection easily
and he  was determined to never take Love seriously. He adhered to
what his male friend had said to him in college- Love is never for real, for ever.
It is fictitious and as imaginary as fantasy. But it wasn't so for
Mansi. She had always loved him, and the love grew more and real as
time passed. Mansi stood by Viren through his heartbreak. They soon
got into a relationship which was one-sided. Viren used Mansi's love
and kept hurting her, to seek his revenge, not love her in return.
Soon things got entwined. What happened to their relation? Did Viren
realise how much Mansi loved him? Or did Rashi realise how much Viren
loved her? Whose love won? Did love win eventually?

Vinit Bansal has written this book, not to please the literarati or
those looking for professional novel writing skills. What he presents
a story, which he himself experienced around him, and that motivated
him to bring this real-life story to the world. Love seems to be a
clear-cut affair-either a Yes or a No. But he brings out the finer
things in this emotion, that changes life-for good or worse.

I liked the effort of Vinit as a beginner, though this is simply a step forward into the world of writing. There is a long way to go and mere confessions about lost love would have to gradually move on to finer depths of live, the world around us and so much more.

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3. What inspired you to pen this book? What message do you wish to give to your readers?

Actually I always believe that we are living in a world where every human being is double faced. What we observe in a person is actually his/her external existence but internally everyone has some hidden desires, fears, dilemmas, fragility and sometime few untold confessions which he/she fears to accept in public. “I am Heartless…” is such a confession. When I came to know about it I decided to share it with all, so that no one repeats the same mistake which the protagonist did. In short, the story itself inspired me.

4. This book has easy language. Do you think that affects the quality of the language?

No, not at all!! Being a voracious reader I certainly feel that every book should be written in simple and lucid language. It doesn’t make sense to have a book in one hand and a dictionary in the other. Even in our daily lives, we do not feel comfortable using complex words or ornamental language. For me, language is what comes from the heart and has the ability to touch the heart of the readers.

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