Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hair We Go Again!

I am just another ordinary girl passing by you, walking down the street next to you. So ordinary that you probably wouldn't find anything interesting enough to take notice as you cross the street past her. But the most ordinary thing about most ordinary people is that they are unique in their own ordinary ways.

When I was a child, I heard fables, stories with morals and last lines of "happily ever after"s and I often wandered away into Neverlands, be it witnessing a chocolate house.. a prince charming or long and luscious hair like that of Barbies and Rapunzel.. Only if we felt so beautiful about ourselves in this world where artificial beauty just like artificial intelligence is pre-dominantly significant. So I, your ordinary girl begin to get transfixed in my little world..blogging being my only escapade.

As I grew up I learned that not all stories end well
and that happy endings could also lead to hell
Until that fated day, when I went to the Indiblogger party
attended by the good and the famous, the rich and the haughty
There I used an app called, The Dove Hair Care App
which was like the Magic Mirror my mother spoke of
in the tales of the pretty Snow White
and I danced in glee, as it ascertained that someday I'd look nice
Some questions appeared like magical potions
and each I answered with renewed determination
Soon it appeared that the app knew my hair
it knew how I could take care of it well
and with a flash, a screen popped out
and it showed me solutions, that I had sought

Dove Hair Fall Therapy is what it suggested
and I looked in awe- Would it actually happen
as has been  promised
Too determined, I ran towards the door,
I shall waste no time, to have beautiful hair
But alas! I missed a stair or two and fell down
and I thought I was destined to break a bone or two
Nothing happened, as I was cradled in his arms
The man with brown rusty eyes that held me tight
and I looked into them and they looked back
like a lock, we wouldn't fall apart.
Just then the clock struck two, I knew I had to rush
so I left his embrace as much as I disliked
and ran, I ran for my life.

With a last stealing glance at him,
I exited with a heavy heart
but I knew this dove meet, had had a good start
love would find its way, even though we'd depart.
I bought a pair of the shampoo and conditioner
a beautiful silvery texture, it reflected the glamour
of what my hair would be, in a matter of days
and I waited in anticipation for the next day.
I bathed with utmost care and shampooed and conditioned my hair
regularly, with great precision as I now was Hair Aware
And soon I saw the difference, as my hair fall reduced to one
and with glee I realised the time had come.
I started using another combination of Dove Intense Hair Therapy
Shampoo and conditioner
and in about a month's time, from neck to shoulder length
My hair grew-beautiful and long
strand by strand I measured from the roots till the end.

The next Indiblogger meet was coming soon,
and I was all set to find my Man
who'd mesmerized me with those dark deep eyes
But what if he does not come looking for me
or maybe he has found someone?
And in worry, I begin to twirl my hair
but the moment I touched a strand, it was as if
it instilled in me a faith, that would not be gone.
I felt beautiful, no more a novice
I let my worries fade, this was my moment to rejoice.

I entered the party, and my hair flowing open
men stole glances while women rocked enviously in their chairs
I knew the effect, I knew my pride
And I knew I'd find the man of my dreams, the man I loved.

I searched, looked around and there he was
as magnificent as ever, with his eyes, he scrolled
and he came closer and touched my skin,
his hands stopped at my hair, twirling and playing with it
and I smiled as I hugged him tight,
Thank you Lord for bringing The Dove Indibloggers Meet in my life!

And we danced
And we danced, we danced
The perfect beginning?
And that was the end of my hair problems..
And my life
As I realised,
Beauty with grace and love
is the best gift,  we can treasure
throughout our lives!

This post is part of a contest My Beautiful Hair Story on Indiblogger, sponsored by Dove. If you liked it, do leave in a comment! Criticisms accepted too! 


  1. Nice attempt... I love every post that includes poetry! All the best for the contest! :)
    Arvind Passey

  2. Here they go again in an Indiblogger meet. Awwww this is out of box, cute, lovable and I loved it. 

    Loads of luck for this one Priyanka.


  3. I think you should win the contest with this!

  4. haha....well taken care of hair wins the day...saves the world...or at least your life....smiles

  5. Thank you so much Jassy!
    <3 All the luck to you too!

  6. Adorable post with such cute pie pictures. 
    loved the flavored poetry :D
    All the best girl :) 

  7. Thank you Passey Sir! I am taking your gift if you win it! :D

  8. Nice! Good luck with the contest! :)


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