Wednesday, July 11, 2012

World Population Day: The Indian Aam Junta

On this World Population Day (July 11, 2012), promise a few things to yourself.

~Educate your maid and her sons and daughters.

~Adopt a child if possible. And please! Stop having choices regarding child birth. Child is a God's gift to you. there are hundreds and thousands who don't have this privilege. So make sure, be it a son or a daughter that you give him/her the best possible education and well-being. It is Cruelty and absolutely inhumane of those who leave their daughters in a adoption home or an orphanage or even the hospital right after their birth!

~If not adopt, then at least Sponsor a child's education and well-being.

~I am sure each one of us have our roots in our villages. Visit there once and see for yourself, how you can help in developing it by teaching there part-time, educating the men regarding farming and women about handicrafts. Start a small-scale business for them if possible.

~Try and adopt and preach the concept of "Hum Do, Humaare Do"

~Write a letter to the nearest MCD asking them to construct Sulabh Sauchalayas(toilets) for women and men alike in every district and also appoint cleaners for the same. They may charge a nominal Re.1 per usage for the same. Simply writing a letter won't suffice. Ask for a reply. If not responded upon, file an RTI.

All I wish to say is, what we have with us, can be our biggest weakness or our greatest strength. How we make use of it, how we nurture it and empower it, is up to us. Why wait for someone else to react? Why wait for the government to do soemthing about it? This Nation is ours. Remember, it is WE who got our Independence, a single Gandhi or Nehru without our support would not have been able to achieve the independence.  To blame others is very easy but to actually do something about it, is hard. Very Hard.

But is Zindagi me kuch aisa na kiya, toh kya kiya mere dost? (What's the use of this life, if we cannot make constructive changes such as these!)

India has the second largest population in the world and is soon expected to become the largest in the future, considering the largest producer, China is quite adamant in restricting the population growth by any measure.(For more information, read this. Wikipedia )
We have the largest pool of labour with us but a large section of this population is un/under-employed. This is a cleavage that exposes the truth of our system. The haves keep on reaching higher while the have-nots keep going down under with the pressure.

I am not taking sides, I am in no position to do so. But all that I am insisting upon is that the problem is not that we have a large population. The problem is that we are not utilising the system to empower them. And inn order to raise our economy to that of the first worlds we would HAVE to help the downtrodden to escalate upwards. Little efforts on our behalf, as individuals can go on to make greater impacts. only if we care to believe in ourselves. Only if, we care to believe in ourselves as a Nation. It is high time that we did so.

Nine is Mine is a campaign that began in October, 2006 through which children and women are encouraged to come and meet their leaders and share their experiences of atrocities and urge the ministers to take actions to help them. It is a campaign that was initiated by the Wada Na Todo Abhiyan, to meet the Millenium Development Goals as postulated by the Make Poverty History program of the United Nations. It is also an initiative to instil within the children from the backward areas, a sense of equality and righteousness. A self-belief which would help them shun the malice in society and boost them a determined upward mobility with the availability of good health and education.

It is a cause I believe in and I urge all my readers, friends to please go to the site and register. Each registration entails us Rs.9 which would help the movement in providing education and health programmes to women and children of the rural areas in India.


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  2. You made valid points here Priyanka and forgot to mention it last time, love the new look of your blog, very classy.

    Congrats on Saturday Pick:)

  3. Given that we will soon be No.1 in terms of population, it is imperative that we not only stay no.1 when it comes to awareness of our rights, but also attain no.1 in knowing and acting on our responsibilities.


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