Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sony Xperia NXT Series U- Review

A day ceases to be epic especially when you have a Sony phone in your hand. I turned on the media player in my Sony Live Walkman phone and rested the phone with the charger onto my table. Strums of the guitar were heard as I guessed the song that had begun to play- A bengali number titled Brishti by Anjan Dutta..

Just then dad entered into my room with a box in his hand. I opened the box and out it came.. A beauty!

Charger, USB and Headphones along with the battery and handset

Call me a Lady, but I simply adore the Pink! :D

It has a 5MP camera with flash.

It has a superb front lens camera too which is  of much better quality than most I have seen.


The neon colors keep changing according to the themes or the pictures  on our display screen.

With such an amazing phone any one is going to go crazy!! :D

But yes there are some handicaps I do not like.

For instance, it has an internal storage of a meagre 3.7GB, which in today's time seems nothing! But then in the times of social networking sites, we hardly store our photos and videos in our phones any more.

Also, it has no socket for a memory card. So we're quite stuck with the storage limit.

But all in all, it is a stylish phone and I like Xperia for its grandeur. Though the internal memory is a BIG BIG turnoff! :D
Cheers to a new phone though! :D


  1. :D
    I am no tech person but then the phone made it hard to resist! :D

  2. Ok, one more phone added to be Consideration Set, which currently includes iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note, and Nokia Lumia 900! iPhone still remains on top because that will be the only way for me to save all my Apple Store purchases.
    Any information on the price?  

  3. Nice Phone Though  
    Xperia U comes with an inbuilt memory of 8 GB and 512 MB RAM. 
    If you need to keep more data or file on your phone- Like E-books, Magazines etc You can use  
    And as this is an Android phone. You might wanna know about useful android application and new launches. 
    Feel free to drop by .

    -Prashant Chaudhary


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