Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When There's Music, There's A Way!

I will tell you a story, but before that
Promise me, once it is over, you'll fall asleep?
The little girl nodded, and I smiled at her
Once, not very long ago
there was a little girl, just like you
her frock was pink and so were her cheeks
and yet the skies were the same blue.
Her mother by her side, swept her bangs behind
as she hum, Edelweiss Edelweiss..
Every morning you greet me..

And the little girl, crawled in and shut her eyes.
And on her last day in the fifth grade, her favorite English teacher
Ms.Saha, pinched her cheek lightly and sang for her,
Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune, Sapne
sureele sapne..

She would miss Ms. Saha but she was excited about Senior school.
and she hugged her friends as they imitated Sheryl Crow in Soak Up the Sun
while learning dance moves from Kajra Mohabbat wala

Her first tryst with adolescence acquainted her to Bryan Adams and Celion Dion
Shania Twain with Britney's Oops I did it again featured in her walkman,
a priceless gift from her mother dear.
Cassettes became her favorite birthday gift
she collected them, while others collected
stamps, toys and pens.

She loved pens too, she dreamed of buying
a Watermann when she grew
and lusting for a gramophone,
with embedded gemstones and an autograph of Bob Marley.
Some fantasies never turn into reality.

Learning music with Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music
She learned of love and the mysteries that came along,
her first love and the next heartbreak
and the ones that were to follow,
left her tattered and almost broken
she gave up on so many, and so many simply left
the steel carriage simply kept moving.

And then she learned that it all happened
for a reason greater than her individual existence
And it was amidst all the chaos of women being
mutilated raped burned and beaten to death
songs such as Girl on Fire and Loved a Woman, comforted her.

Zzzzz...Zzzzz.. Layla's soft snore interrupted Jhilmil. She smiled at the sleeping child.. Truly, music had been that one strong wall on to which she clung on to like a creeper, whether she wanted to dance or cry, live or or crawl..Music was one lover that never betrayed her, even when there were no reasons to stay.. Layla would also learn the art of clinging on to music, which would become her only secret abode, her friend philosopher and guide...lover and companion throughout her life, just as it was for Jhilmil. She turned to sleep in her cocooned bed and plugged on her headphones,

I wish to thank  HPConnectedMusic for being the best news that's come along in a long time considering I am looking for a new laptop and I NEED music to breathe! I knew, as soon as I registered for the meet that I would not be disappointed and so it turned out to be! A bunch of friends, a new dress and a theme of Music, well there was no chance of disappointment!


We look no less glamorous don't we! :)

Here's us with Team Indi at the HP INDIBLOGGER CONNECTED MUSIC MEET ! 

While meeting your dear friends is always a bonus for us, it was a great experience learning about the HP CONNECTED MUSIC that gives you an access to a huge database of online music and unlimited downloads for an entire year at you HP PC and Ultrabooks with Windows 8. The concept is powered by Universal and Hungama and allows service such as

- Unlimited downloading for a year from the time of registration

- One can download songs and save them in their HP PCs and enjoy them offline as well

- There are more than a million songs in their database, you'll get tired searching, but not disappointed!

- They have internet radio as well, which has channels divided, genre wise as well as era-wise..So you'll find Pop as well as 70's music there too.

- Their Search feature is sleek and very useful, with the categories that open up as you keep typing and I am sure you won't have finished typing by the time you've got your result already!

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