Sunday, April 7, 2013


Beautiful people, it is DAY5 of the NAPOWRIMO, CAPOWRIMO and AtoZ Blog Challenge and the prompts for today are-

1. The topic for today's post should begin with the letter 'E' [AtoZ]

2. Write a poem using five or seven full sentences. Each line should qualify as a grammatical sentence. No enjambments. [CaPoWriMo]

3. A cinquain is a poem that employs stanzas with five lines. Each line has a certain number of accented or stressed syllables, and a certain number of overall syllables per line. In the “American” cinquain, a form invented by a woman with the highly unfortunate name of Adelaide Crapsey, the number of stresses per line is 1-2-3-4-1, and the number of syllables is 2-4-6-8-2.  [NaPoWriMo]


Day Night
free wanderers
empty streets greet me too
are you happy,how happy yet
Are you?

Essel World is the largest amusement park in India and is of its kind. It is situated on the Gorai island in Mumbai, Maharastra and is one place you must go when you are in Mumbai. Everything about this place is amazing from reaching this island via a Ferry (also do not miss the coconut water) , to the long passage at the sea shore, where we can see fishes at the very end and thanks to them, a clout of beautiful white swans, ducks and Ibises. 

And as you walk through, you are welcomed by a wonderfully happy fellow, who'd love to pose with you!


So as we straddled along the path to the amusement park, we came across a small shop and guess what we bought! 

And as we reached the spot from where we could see all the rides, we saw a huge procession that looked nothing less than a Carnival, and being a history student it reminded me of those glorious affairs that happened in Europe after every successful conquest. But I love Johnny Depp !!!!

 There were other characters too! 
Pirates and demons who'd come close to you and scare you off. 
One of them really got on my nerves trying to scare me off and almost slapped him!

 God! I wanted to do Karaoke since like FOREVER! And I got an opportunity to sing in there. A Dream Come True. I sang three songs and a crowd gathered and applauded. It was an amazing experience.                                                         

But... Essel World me rahunga main, ghar nahi jaunga main!

 And this was my experience with Essel World and the 'E' letter! Thanks to my awesome Maasi and Mesho! Special love to Krupa my new girlfriend! 

I met a girl.
She had black hair. Her eyes were black too.
Every time I saw her, I saw in flashes.
The anguish was accompanied by a dash of sparkle.
The kind that dazzles in the sky and we call them- Fireworks.