Monday, April 22, 2013

Overcoming Loss with Microsoft Office 365

It is so easy to die for a person and name it 'sacrifice'. We idealise such forms of love where one can spendthrift everything that he/she has and scatter it all over the floor for the person they love. How lovely...I say, How Convenient!
It is difficult, very very difficult to live for the person you love. Be accountable for every fleeting moment of grief and joy, both. Take her/him in your arms and find your world right there, and when he/she is not there with you, you do not close your world in isolation but spread the love all around you, like a flower in a bunch does; it knows it is wilting and yet it never stops to be as fragrant as it can.
We speak of grief so often, so casually now that grief sounds different from the tongues of those who utter it, every time. And yet, one cannot exactly pin point on one to say, This is it.
Well today I wish to define it, it is the Loss, the death of someone that is irrevocable, that stares at you for every moment, so why not celebrate the person as he/she was rather than keep mourning and make the remembrance an asset, rather than a liability?

Which is why I wish to design a portal wherein we can discuss the idea of loss and grief. Be it that of a lover who left, or a pet that ran away or a daughter who died. Anything and everything that we wish to grieve over. Yes, we 'wish' and not 'need' to. Because it is going to be a conscious act that we need to do for ourselves. This portal will help connect people with each other, those who've experienced loss closely.

The features that I look forward to benefit from with the use of Microsoft Office 365 are

The new Office provides 25GB mailbox space which is much more than what my previous mailbox at Gmail provided me! Having a wider mailbox would make it easier for me to post the confessions and the articles as they are submitted by the people who sign up at my portal. Moreover, it has a Malware protection too, which means I am hassle-free when it comes to simply checking mails to be posted, not whether they are from spammers or not.

The mother father and Godfather of Instant Messaging and the service that is mostly required for businesses that require a great deal of wireless communication and what better than to have a service that lets you connect to your customers and your clients directly from your mailbox! Be it flaunting your presence by updating your status on your IM Profile or initiating a video-conferencing and meetings or having telephonic conversations or messages- all over your mailbox, Microsoft 365 will be aiding in all these, for no additional charges!

Microsoft 365 comes with an array of applications and software programmes that can be used to make the experience of communication an easier process. Thus, while writing an administrator post on the portal or while writing a blog post, apps such as the Dictionary will surely come handy. One can use it at the right sidebar itself, which immensely helps even while scripting a post.

One very interesting feature is  The Visio, a service that enables us to set up complex analysis and data and processes into simple diagrams and structures such as data-linked diagrams, collaboration tools etc. It can help me transform my business by helping me reach out to potential sponsors for my website portal as finding a sponsor is as important, as my passion to help those who are grieving. Because this is a platform and they'd look up to it, and I as the owner of this business need to make it work, which would inevitably involve some amount of capital, that I do not have at present. But with a professional approach and aesthetics, I am confident about my passion, my audience and thus, my portal.

The Project and Project Portfolio Management services of Microsoft 365 will also ensure that my documents are scripted in the most professional manner with the tools it consists of which will help me collaborate with my team and deliver quick and successful projects.

Cloud Storage is the new invention on the face of our virtual existence, giving us the opportunity to save all our important files, in a space that does not actually take up any space! How cool does it sound? Not just that! I can actually share it with my team who can then edit the document with me. This will be helpful in the coming future as I plan on publishing an anthology of the experiences that the people post on the portal. Editing of a manuscript requires a whole lot of communication and if all of my team and sit and edit it at one time, one place and make it happen, it would be nothing short of a Miracle!

This is possible with a feature called the SharePoint, that allows us to share our documents and mails with our friends and colleagues, keeping in mind that we are in control of who gets to view it and who gets to edit it. Moreover, with the features such as integration with social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut and Yammer, one can always stay in touch and communicate more, the two things, I need to do with my organisation. Moreover, I get the option of posting a document directly to my blog! So imagine that you are travelling and you write a post in Microsoft 365 Online Document and then publish it directly! It is available for Blogger, Wordpress and other portals too.

Microsoft 365 has exclusive association with Yammer, one of the first Enterprise Social Networking Site which aides collaborations between different networks, geographies and types of businesses.

With so many applications infused into this one programme, it is one of the most efficient and promising things one the virtual existence that Mankind has invented. This appeals to me, because it is a programme that I can customise according to the ethos of my own as well as my business, which has a strong emotional tinge to it, that Microsoft 365 seems to contain effortlessly.

I look forward to the amazing work-structure and group-effort and dedication that it promises to bring out in my team.

Moreover, it is a one-time buy and future upgrades would be absolutely free of cost. The name Microsoft itself gives a sense of guarantee, considering I have for ever, only used Microsoft- be it Word or Excel.
The biggest comfort is to work from home or while travelling which is a pre-requisite for my business. Thus, I can be wherever I need to be, but work never stops! This has to be the best news ever for all businesses!

Attending the Indiblogger Meet organised along with Microsoft 365 was a gift in every sense of the word! Got an Arc Mouse and a T-shirt but most importantly, when I walked out of the room, I saw my dreams turning into reality, with the all new Microsoft Office 365, that is surely going to change the way Workers Work!

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