Wednesday, April 17, 2013

adidas launches the Jeremy Scott Collection

One word I can safely use to describe the ultimate collection at Adidas, exclusively designed by the notable fashioniesta Jeremy Scott who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj in the recent past.

Some of us bloggers were invited to have the first look at this unconventional collection. Deepika Deepti, the Category Manager, introduced the collection to us and the models swayed around us. Yep, the catwalk was a first for me! 

Deepika Deepti introducing the Collection to us.

The Posers :)

Chit-chat with Deepika, Category Manager, adidas

What is unbeatable about the collection is that it is

  • Whacky & Eccentric
  • Colorful & Creative
  • Unisex

Jeremy Scott in this collection has de-constructed the conventions and used uneven hems, bold colors and patterns, African prints( the Eagle print, wings) and shapes in the apparels while for the footwear he has used the winged high-top shoe which happens to be his signature style.

Also available in the Originals collection are the JS Chain Cage Track top and baseball jerseys.

He seems to be obsessed with animals for this collection with the footwear having poodles and bears with sunglasses. Of course, the poodle one was my personal favorite!

They look cute, trendy and if you're the "out-of-the-box" kinds, Scott, literally jumps out of the box for you!

The collection ranges between Rs.8,900 to 12,900 making it absolutely reasonable and are available at the Adidas Original outlets across the country. So hurry, grab one Now!


adidas Originals Introduces the LIMITED EDITION Jeremy Scott Collection


  1. Oh Hi ! Of course I remember u ! Thanks for leaving a comment. I loved ur post !





  2. I am so sorry, But I am not a very good fan of the nikki minaj fashion. I like it to be elegant and creative at the same. This is far too eccentric for my simplistic taste. But I will never contest the fact that they are incredibly creative and many will like it for its sheer audacity in vibrant creative expressionism.


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