Sunday, August 5, 2012

Never Treaded That Path Again!

I was lying, screaming
Baba, Baba! Take me back!
As he left, never looking back
and seemed like a shadow against the mist that rose
on a cold January morning
as my limbs threatened to freeze.
Ma, please take me back
and pull me close to your breasts
as I feel the warmth, the familiar touch
I try but I cannot move
and he is lost in between the dawn and the dusk.
I continue to lay, as dogs put their nose against my belly
and leave me unturned, unattended
the cold now numbing my insides too.
I try, but I cannot walk
I scream but no one hears
I try but no one pays heed
I lose hope, as flows every single minute.

I look at the passer bys
how they hear my cries,
and yet after a look of pity
leave my side.
I slowly stop my seething voice
to a running hiss, as blood begins
to ooze from my left crippled leg,
from the dog bite.

And then you came
a man with two dark eyes
that were impossible to explore,
which spoke of his turmoil.
He picked me up
and cleaned my wound
and wrapped me up with his rags

He saw my leg and a tear fell
his beard glistening with sweat
as he placed me on his shoulder
and I tired, rested my head
on his ragged but warm hair.
And since then,
I and my polio leg have never 
treaded that path again!

This little boy was abandoned by his parents because he was Polio-infected. Even with the intense awareness programs initiated by the government, thousands of parents choose to ignore to give their infants the polio-drops.Through the Write-up Cafe contest, I wish to delve into this awareness drive.

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  1. this was painfully too good....cant stop tears coming in my eyes.....really this is very sad....want to meet those parents who could leave their child like this.......shame on them and our society....:(

  2. :( That is the way it is Deepanshi Di!

  3. Thanks a ton, Lawrence! Feels great when someone comes by and reads your work and then leaves a comment to appreciate one's work! :)
    Hope to have you as a regular in my Neverland!

  4. Puts across a message so well told thank you for sharing

  5. Thank you for visiting, Ayala!! Makes me feel truly special!

  6. Thank you so much, Vaishali! What more can a writer want but to have his/her words understood.. :)

  7. My attempt at writing this wS to make sure we become the one who moves forward n helps instead f staring as a crowd.. Hope it does have that effect!
    Thank you Jan!!

  8. What a poem and ordeal, thank god for the good samaritan man.

  9. I really liked the message that you set out to spread across. Nicely done in a short poem. Good luck, Priyanka! :)

  10. Brilliant! You really get the imagery across.

  11. Painful and yet inspiring that there are good people in this world, good write.

  12. very cool...feels a bit like the good samaritan is good there are people like that...willing to look out for those less got me right away with baba...that is actually what i call my wife...


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