Sunday, August 5, 2012

Control "C" Control "V"-- CONTROL PLEASE?

I had planned the 401st post to be quite enticing and my dear friends what I bring to you today is something that is quite integral into the lives of us bloggers. I am speaking of the word PLAGIARISM- a word that can shake the hoots out of our system.

He was a nerd.
I was a spoiled brat.
He loved the computer lab.
I loved the auditorium.
He helped me study.
I helped him unlearn.
He began to smile.
I began to get noticed in lectures.
The balance seemed heavenly.
and soon the college days threatened.

to get over.
So did our love.
And yet years passed by.
like autumn leaves blowing past.
our faces as we kissed and made up.
after every fight.
And even know as I write this.
I see his glistening eyes.
And I know he loves me.
more, with every passing day.

Recently, Facebook has become the most common platform for such "thefts". Two days back, one of my poems was stolen from my Fb profile and posted on a Fb page. I had posted my poem for a contest and I received a comment there that  said "You have stolen this poem from

It has been two days that I along with almost 20 of my friends have reported Scam on the post and also commented on the post, but neither has Fb nor has the owner removed the poem. Simply makes me fear God knows how many poems must have been used without my knowledge!

Also recently, thanks to the immensely dense network that I have amongst Indian authors and publishers, I got to know a certain lady, who claims to be a universally-recognised author, who features in the TIME magazine's list of the 100 most influential people (no, the self-eulogisation does not stop there!)..She also states to be co-authoring with Chetan Bhagat.

This woman has been stealing people's statuses, and even their Bio-s from their websites! When the author whose bio she had lifted was contacted, she replied saying that it is unfortunate and that she would change her bio. But the point remains, we are letting this woman go Scot-free!
Just when I thought she has learnt her lesson, this is what I find. 

Please read the article below first- If you don't have the time to, don't worry simply browse through it, noticing the beginning and the end.

Now that you have, ladies and gentlemen, please have a look at this! And get ready to be amused!

The heights of Plagiarism! A plagiarist at least takes the effort to change the title! Or parts of the body! But this woman is just too High for her heels! She is just an example my friends. But the point remains, why copy paste at all? Why take the credit for writing something when it isn't yours? The least one can do is give credit to the author! Friends we tend to do this at every stage- some words are really impressive and we want the world to read them. Go ahead and CLICK THE SHARE BUTTON!
Please. Do your bit to stop Plagiarism. Write your own stuff, to begin with.

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  1. It is disgusting. All the efforts that go into each word a writer writes and someone is reaping fruits off it. It is the lowest level of theft.


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