Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Is my best friend

It envelopes me

Into my emptiness.

Hush, don't talk

Me and silence are having a word

Talk and you talk more

With silence around,

No one to fight; no shouts.

When angry or sad

Make silence your only friend
The best listener you'll ever get
Is my best friend.

Silence is my best friend
and it has wings to fly
and it perches up high
in the crimson sky,
looking down
And it is Time to say Goodbye
It comes down
sitting on my shoulder
ask me Why!
Why do you cry,
for those who are gone
never came to stay
Then why mourn?
Enjoy their stay, lessen the pain.
These are moments where one must only gain
the essence of life, which you shall sense
when you are alone with your friend, Silence.


  1. very nice!
    -Portia Burton

  2. great if we can make friends with silence coz once u learn to appreciate it, words seem too short lived :) nicely knit poem

  3. Sshhhhhhhh! Thanks for taking part in Carry On Tuesday.

  4. Silence is a wonderful friend to have around. Lovely piece.

  5. Beautiful musical sense to the poem, the sounds adding power to the images. I like silence too and spend a lot of time inside my head....

  6. Beautiful piece of writing! Silence is a friend indeed:)

  7. Dear Priyanka,
    Sometimes, we need silence for quiet reflection and to gather our thoughts. Very nicely expressed. Lovely look deep in thought!

    I kept my promise (smile). Please come to me...I have a gift for you here...

  8. Silence is a blessing more people should appreciate. Lovely.

  9. Silence can be a bit hard to find in this mile-a-minute world but oh so essential.  Loved this!

  10. I can relate to this beautiful poem.....lovely writing! :-)

  11. Ah!
    Thank you Dreamer for stopping by and letting me know about the problem!
    Hope to stay connected! Cheers to this silence that binds us all in a clutch..and releases us..a one-winged bird who knows how to fly.. :)

  12. In silence most answers to what disturbs come to us. Lovely!
    Thank you for visiting me and for leaving me the right URL so that I could come visit you too :)
    I hope you're joining in at dVersePoets Openlinknight tonight too. 

  13. We poets need our solitariness! :)

  14. silence at times is a very good friend...i dont know that we could live with it always but it def has its times that allow us to really listen instead of just filling the air with talk....


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