Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Tagore!

Today I celebrate the birthday of a man  who had the talent, passion intellect and heart to live life in the best manner possible. He sung, he wrote, he drew and he spoke. People remember him for his love for nature, for expression and for his love for this nation.
I being a Bengali, take extreme pride in coming from the same land he was born in. This is my tribute to you, Sir. You are an immortal being. If I were a true atheist, you would be my God. You would.

Happy Birthday Gurudeb.

Life had dragged me along
the pavements with stones and thorns
With little steps I carried on,
I carried on.

You became the ray of hope
when nothing else managed me to hold on
In your presence, I learned to grow,
I learned to grow.

The one who believes not in God
as much as in you, the trust she holds
You never let me down Gurudeb,
Never let me down.

Steer me along, make me yours
I'll be your shadow, your season, your halo
Feel me around, and I find you with me
I find you with me.

I am no artist, but still I had this urge to sketch him. So here it is.

Also, to make this day special and to make my dear readers well-versed with this poetic genius, I request you to take this opportunity to know a little more about Tagore-his life, his mission and his achievements. You never know how transforming it might be.
Let's start with the basics?
Here is the Wikipedia link. WIKIPEDIA-TAGORE
Here is a link where you can find most of the translated works (English)- PoemHunter

I have tried singing the song, Shokhi Bhalobasha Kahare Koye which was written and composed by the great Tagore himself. I also tried sketching a portrait of him. I hope he is watching me. I pray he keeps looking over me. Guiding me, loving me.

The Lyrics

In Bengali

সখী, ভাবনা কাহারে বলে। সখী, যাতনা কাহারে বলে ।
তোমরা যে বলো দিবস-রজনী ‘ভালোবাসা’ ‘ভালোবাসা’—
সখী, ভালোবাসা কারে কয় ! সে কি কেবলই যাতনাময় ।
সে কি কেবলই চোখের জল ? সে কি কেবলই দুখের শ্বাস ?
লোকে তবে করে কী সুখেরই তরে এমন দুখের আশ ।
আমার চোখে তো সকলই শোভন,
সকলই নবীন, সকলই বিমল, সুনীল আকাশ, শ্যামল কানন,
বিশদ জোছনা, কুসুম কোমল— সকলই আমার মতো ।
তারা কেবলই হাসে, কেবলই গায়, হাসিয়া খেলিয়া মরিতে চায়—
না জানে বেদন, না জানে রোদন, না জানে সাধের যাতনা যত ।
ফুল সে হাসিতে হাসিতে ঝরে, জোছনা হাসিয়া মিলায়ে যায়,
হাসিতে হাসিতে আলোকসাগরে আকাশের তারা তেয়াগে কায় ।
আমার মতন সুখী কে আছে। আয় সখী, আয় আমার কাছে—
সুখী হৃদয়ের সুখের গান শুনিয়া তোদের জুড়াবে প্রাণ ।
প্রতিদিন যদি কাঁদিবি কেবল একদিন নয় হাসিবি তোরা—
একিদন নয় বিষাদ ভুলিয়া সকলে মিলিয়া গাহিব মোরা ।।

In English

Sakhi, bhabona kahare bole?Sakhi, jatona kahare bole?
Tomra je bolo dibosho-rajoni,Bhalobasha, bhalobasha.
sakhi, bhalobasha kare koye?Seki keboli jatona-moye?
Seki keboli chokher jal?Seki keboli dukher saash?
Loke tobe kore ki sukheri tore,Aemon dukhero aash?
Aamar chokhe to shokoli sobhon, Shokoli nobeen, shokoli bimol.
Suneel akash, shyamolo kanon. Bishodo jochona, kusumo komol.
Shokol amari moton.Tara keboli hanshe, keboli gaye,

Hanshiya, kheliya morite chaye.Najane bedon, najane radon.
Najane shader jatona joton.Phool se hanshite hanshite jhore,
Jochona hanshiya milaye jaye,Hanshite hanshite alok sagore,

Akashero taara ke aage paye.
Aamar moton sukhi ke aache?Aaye sakhi aaye, aamar kaache

Sukhi hridoyer sukher gaanSuniya toder judaabe pran
Protidin jodi kandibi kebol,Ek din noye hanshibi tora,
Ek din noye bishado bhuliya,Shokole miliya gahibo mora..

Bhabona kahare bole?Sakhi, jatona kahare bole?
Tomra je bolo dibosho-rajoni,Bhalobasha, bhalobasha.