Friday, May 18, 2012

"Netted": Anytime, Anywhere!

"Priyanka, for once do you mind switching that phone of yours off before I throw it down the valley!"

My Mum warned me for the hundredth time. My sister chuckled in delight. She loves it when mom scolds me.

I mean, just imagine. You are an internet freak. A full time blogger and a Facebook-addict, and your family decides to go on a trip to the farthest valleys in Uttarakhand! And you are strictly forbidden to carry your laptop along! I may be accused of being dramatic, but it is suicidal for me, to be away from my virtual world.

I hate to see how people can stay away from such an amazing thing such as the internet. An invention that has made the world become so connected, so lively that it almost blurs the distinction between the real and the virtual! From social networking to uploading photos, sharing them with friends, family and of course tweeting, blogging and updating Facebook status messages is Priceless!

One problem that we are often prone to facing is the network problem. But thanks to Vodafone's excellent network coverage, one would definitely not have to face problems related to inaccessibility of the internet. So now my friends, you cannot give excuses to not stay in touch all round the year, wherever you are!

I cannot imagine how someone can stay inaccessible to the Internet! I am here in the midst of scenic beauty, and if I manage to click some beautiful picturesque photos, how can I curb the urge in me to put them as my Facebook Cover Photos. Or well there are times when I get clicked, slimmer and stunning. How, how do I then resist uploading them as my profile picture on Facebook! Just imagining the plethora of Likes and Comments, Re-tweets and shares of my posts, makes it PRICELESS!

So, today while I write this blogpost from my phone, My mum or sister! No one dare hath stoppeth me, I say!

For now I carry my world with me,
safely tucked in few clicks in my mobile phone
I shall take you by a storm,
my blogs and status are my charm!
I shall never part with y'all
For Vodafone provides the best network,
I can talk, text or simply rest
gladly in my virtual world, or better, My Neverland here!
And as I write this poetic verse I hum along a song, a beautiful one most of you have heard. But I am uploading this song I just recorded singing in my voice on SoundCloud!That's what we're saying! POWER TO YOU!

Here is the song.
Like I uploaded, you can download it directly on to your phone from here, if you really are crazy enough to like my sordid voice and use it as your ringtone or Alarm!
You and I

Wait till I send the link to my friends on Gmail Facebook and Twitter! Mobile Internet..And oh, Pininterest them too! Aah! Too good! Too good!

Sirjee, this is better than the Original, I say! 

PLEASE NOTE: This entry is for the Indiblogger Contest: Internet is Fun on Vodafone .  If you like my post, do leave in a comment! :)


  1. Haha...... i had a guess that it might be a promotional blog post for vodafone.......and i was right by the end....... :-))))) waise.......welll written.....

  2. Thank you so much, Bikram!
    It feels great to be appreciated!

  3. First of all You have a beautiful voice and I listened to the song in your voice.. Thank you.. 
    I second the last line SIR JI.. THIS ONe is indeed better than the original ... 
    All the best for the contest 

    Can over from Andy sir's saturday blog hop.. and Good I came over to read and listen.. 


  4. The virtual world sometimes disillusions by pushing me to oblivion. Hurts, when friends ignore my presence on the net.

  5. Simple Truth and well written Priyanka :)
     All the best !
    My entry< a href="">Zoozoo


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