Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi.. Inspire!

I am part of a group of Indian women bloggers, called Indiblogeshwaris and it had turned One this year. To celebrate that and welcome the website, a competition has been hosted and thus, here I am, participating in this awesomely creative exercise wherein I was to listen to Rahul Sharma’s Time Traveler and write how it stimulates me…

So as I heard the song and seconds after the music began, I realized I had closed my eyes and was swaying my head and smiling. At someone…  I tried concentrating on the object of fascination in front of me that had made me smile. And a name resonated along with the gliding music… Anand..and he smiled again, tilting his head sideways and said, Babumoshai…

"Hairaan hoon ki - wo maut pe has raha tha, ya zindagi pe?
Jab tak zinda hoon, mara nahin...
Jan mar gaya, sala main hi nahin...
To dar kiss baat ka ?

The thing about Bollywood is how it manages to churn out characters so effervescent that they bear their names in our hearts forever. Like timeless prophecies, these characters inspire us, push us and nudge us with their life-size images and emotions… Life size because nothing can be bigger and brighter than what life is and has to offer us.

Which made me wonder.. What was it about Anand that made him so memorable? What is it about his smile that makes you stand up after you’ve fallen.. And then I recalled some comments from friends and people I have met as strangers and how they looked up at me and broke into smiles. How many times we’ve actually stood up for ourselves, dared to speak out when we had the choice not to and suffer , we developed choices and chances for ourselves and not just for ourselves but for people around us.

That’s what we do. That’s the power we possess and yet, we forget. The innumerable times we forget to tell ourselves that we affect people. We matter, whether they tell us or they don’t. Why look at Anand and smile and not become the ray of hope for the person next to you? In real life, we find people who inspire us. And those who grow on us like creepers. I pray that we see the difference and at times, we need to choose to be happy rather than making others happy. Because only a happy person can make others happy.
Which is a realization that has dawned upon me, very recently.

So, as I fling my hands in the air, and reach for the sky…I free you and myself.
The sky is blue and I see your eyes are too.
So here’s what I have to say.
Go Go Go
And I shall stay
With or Without You.
For I shall still move ahead.
For life shall belong to me like I belong to it,
Whether you belong to me or not.