Sunday, July 21, 2013


I glanced over
Her smile resurrected my courage.
I was about to speak up when
her big black eyes looked at the music system
and she chose a classic- "Raindrops keep falling on my head."
The red Beats looked beautiful in the rains.
The road was almost deserted, with couples chirruping here and there
in their bikes, romancing the air.
I halted the car in front of the 'Raju Special Chai and Shai' confectionary shop.
It was my sister's favorite halt on the highway.
We settled at our favorite spot and ordered for
Truck Driver ki Chai and mixed pakode, which also had egg pakodas.
Every special shop has some speciality.

She sensed my uneasiness, and snapped up.

What is it Didibhai, why are we here?
I gulped. Nothing, just wanted to take you out.
she rolled her eyes. She knows me too well.

It was still pouring as we stood to leave
and we saw little kids dancing naked, jumping into the puddles
and we looked at each other, and broke into smiles.
We ran into the rain and jumped into the puddles,
holding each other tight.
Haven't laughed this much in ages, I remarked.

We were soaked and had another round of 
Chai. And ran back to our car.
A misty fragrance enveloped our minds.
In my car resides a fresh world.
Inside, as I started the engine., my phone buzzed.
It managed to take the smile away from my face. 

 The way back home was only adsorption
the surfaces ebbed, while deep inside I was lost.
I applied the brakes. We'd reached home.
She spoke, "Didibhai, I like him. 
If you love him. I love him.
Come, lets get you married!"

Somewhere someone's listening
To the sound of a record spinning

Sing to me now
Right out your window..         

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